African Orchards Soy Candle

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Candle Scent Profile

Basil & bergamot | Pepper & saffron | Wood cedar, clove & patchouli.

Candle Description

Basil and bergamot combine to produce a clean yet luxurious scent that will complete any interior space. A fresh, citrus scent is bound to delight the senses and cause anyone to stop in their tracks when this is the smell of the air that surrounds them. Notes of pepper and saffron add exotic spiciness to a gorgeous marriage of fragrances that are akin to walking through citrus orchards in North Africa. Treat yourself or a loved one to this 100% handmade soy candle — your days will soon feel incomplete without it.

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Product Details

250ml Glass Tumbler
Wood wick candle
100% Soy Wax
About 40- 50 hours of burn time

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