Bennett Read 350W On-The-Go Blender

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The Bennett Read On-The-Go Blender is perfect for creating delicious, ultra-nutritious smoothies & health drinks… on-the-go! Using the Bennett Read On-The-Go Blender is super easy. Add your ingredients into the bottle, screw on the blending cap, lock the bottle into the base and hold down the power button. When you’re done, simply switch the blending cap with the drinking lid and you’re off! With a powerful, durable 350W motor, the Bennett Read On-The-Go Blender easily blends your ingredients into a delicious smoothie to-go! The Bennett Read On-The-Go Blender comes complete with a compact base with a powerful 350W motor, 600ml, dishwasher-safe BPA-Free bottle, easy-flip drinking lid with a carrying loop and a blending cap with super-sharp blades.

What's in the box
x 1 Base with 350W motor
x 1 600ml bottle
x 1 Easy-flip drinking lid with carry loop
x 1 Blending cap with super-sharp blades

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