Lion’s Head Soy Candle

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Candle Scent Profile

Melon & orange | Fresh water & raspberry | Tobacco, wood, musk & vanilla bean

Candle Description

If you’re looking for some reprieve amidst the chaos of life — to exhale and then to inhale fresh, unadulterated air — you can find that in this candle. Life and all its attributes can feel stale and exhausting and sometimes we need to escape, even if just for a few minutes. This candle is an experience in and of itself, similar to the expansive views one sees at the top of Lion’s Head or with the sand between your toes during a walk on the beach at dusk. The top notes of melon and orange will bring a sense of awakeness and the middle notes of raspberry almost quench the senses, giving them the relief they were looking for. The tobacco and musk remind us of the night and all that it brings, representing the renewal we are given to chase new opportunities when the sun rises again

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Product Details

250ml Glass Tumbler
Wood wick candle
100% Soy Wax
About 40- 50 hours of burn time

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